Catchy / Creative / Compelling.

Engaging your Audience with Premium Videos  :

Here at CNIP, we are fully dedicated to producing one-of-a-kind videos – capturing your imagination and bringing it to a reality. We are exceptional at what we do and we’re proud to be one of the fastest emerging video companies. We only employ the aid of the best and most contemporary tools and technology to make those UHD and QHD videos a reality. We also create premium and attention-grabbing animations and crystal clear videos for local television and adverts as well. At CNIP we believe in total clarity and excellence and so we put in that extra work while attempting to push the boundaries of impossible – every time we offer reliable services to our clients. To succinctly put : at CNIP, we redefine excellence in advertising and communication.

Our Mission :

At CNIP, we do not just aim to make you one of the sharpest and high end advertising videos : we aim to set a benchmark when it comes to creating extraordinary advertisements and video communications. We hope to offer you great value for money on all our services. We want to show your brand to the world in the most captivating way. We know you deserve nothing short of the best, and this is the reason we employ only the most sophisticated and cutting edge technology to ensure you bring something different to the table. We can’t wait to push the limits for you!

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Who We Are

CNIP – infusing innovation and creativity in your projects!

It all started with an idea : an idea to revolutionize this video marketing industry,  an idea to bring something different and unique, an idea to supercharge your business

Christophe Dejaeghere :

CNIP is founded by Christophe Dejaeghere, after racking up about seventeen years of experience in broadcasting. After a short period of working for a small regional broadcaster, he became on-air marketing producer at VT4. Fuelled and propelled by excellence and a deep desire and conviction to creating only the best videos for your advertising needs, he later went on to establish CNIP.

Esthel Vandenbulcke :

Esthel Vandenbulcke is saddled with the responsibility of monitoring and ensuring that all projects are handled professionally, and to guarantee that the end product leaves you smiling and happy. Right from inception to finish, she meticulously follows up on the workings of your project.

Team :

We acknowledge the fact that every client is special and has peculiar preferences : we assign only the best of talents suited for your job. We also have access to talented freelancers dedicated to offering the most reliable, customized services for your project; Cnip ensures that only the best and most dexterous hands are called upon to work on your project.

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