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Many mistakes are constantly made on social media, while many business owners are not even aware of them. It is very important to be aware of these mistakes so that you can avoid them. In the end, this will have a very important effect on your achieved results and will be essential for the most optimal results.

This list contains ten of the most common mistakes made on social media:

     #1       No header image
     #2       No profile picture that creates engagement
     #3    No consistency in posting
     #4       Low quality or copied posts 
     #5       No interaction with customers
     #6       Too little material that creates engagement 
     #7       Not targeting your audience 
     #8       Not handling negative feedback well
     #9       Appearing too cold and corporate 
     #10    Not tracking analytical results


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These are without a doubt the most common issues businesses face on social media. It is important to create a checklist to make sure you avoid these problems.

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